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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fargo's Personal Assistant: What is a Personal Assistant?

Your Fargo Personl assistant:In a business world sense, a personal assistant is a trusted junior employee who assumes the role of an executive's chief-of-staff. Many of the everyday tasks necessary for an effective workday fall on the personal assistant, from scheduling meetings to arranging transportation. A personal assistant, or personal aide, is someone who assists in daily personal tasks. For example, a businessman or businesswoman may have a personal assistant to help with his correspondence and run errands. The role of a personal assistant has expanded as the business environment has required more responsibilities. Today, a Personal Assistant may be responsible for screening incoming calls, checking emails, reviewing documentation, sending mail, doing research, scheduling reservations, booking meetings, etc. The term is often used to describe roles which would previously have been referred to as secretary. The title of Personal Assistant is not the same as a "PA". A "PA" is a Production Assistant, which is a completely different job. Personal Assistant job duties can range from menial tasks such as picking up the dry cleaning to more important tasks such as attending contract negotiations, briefing journalists on which questions can and can not be asked during interviews, travelling etc. A Personal Assistant is their employer's "go to" person. The position normally covers a variety of positions. They are Receptionists, Administrative Assistants, Runners, Managers, Publicists, Agents etc. The job has a wide range of requirements and can often be extremely demanding as employers normally expect their assistants to be there whenever they need them.

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